Zoom : Internships in India

With Catamaran eco center you can do an intership in many fileds

With Catamaran eco center you can do an intership in many fileds. CATAMARAN is a post-development and environmental training and tourism centre, in India created to: develop a training, sensitization and documentation centre, on the stakes of post- development and the protection of cultural and natural environment (in particular coastal area), for local NGOs, European and Indian students, companies and individuals, and which will be financially self-sufficient, in particular thanks to the reception and the stay of these public. The financing aim is to support other alternative projects in India.  If you're ready to improve your knowledge and skills with a challenging and... (Suite)

Zoom : “2014: International Year of Family Farming”: Gimmick or precedent to change current production models?

Last November, The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 2014 as the International Year of Family Farming. While many leaders and institutions strove for 12 months to put family farming at the forefront of agricultural policies and and to increase public awareness through events around the world, many environmental activists and international solidarity organizations are skeptical about the real added value of this temporary spotlight. So is it a gimmick or a precedent to change current production models? Here is a look at one of the key SOLIDARITÉ themes currently prey to many threats...   Family farming is not a new developmentalist trend or the whim of a... (Suite)


The Midi-Pyrénées region has agreed to support a portion of the Bio-Schools project in India, but we still need funding to sustain the first years of operation in order to create organic gardens, to provide access to farmers' seeds, as well as to train these young eco-actors.

THE IDEA To fight against climate change, action at the governmental and international levels is of course essential, but at the citizen level it is essential to safeguard future generations and to train the youth of today, leaders of tomorrow, to save the planet.   THE CONTEXT   India alone is a vast continent, which with China will shortly represent more than 50% of the population and the world's agricultural and energy consumption, and therefore constitutes one of the most important concerns in terms of environmental protection. With a population of over one billion, 300 million people today (the population of India has surpassed China), with nearly 50% of people under... (Suite)